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Attract Visitors to your Next Exhibition Stand

Eye-catching Exhibition Designs and Project Management that is effective.

With several factors to be taken into consideration to achieve the most desired effect/s, setting up an exhibition stand can prove a demanding and time-consuming task.

Project management, more especially for exhibitions, is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your project, and the fulfilment of your predetermined exhibition objectives. Plan ahead and have a clear vision of what it is that you wish to achieve.

Herewith are a few guidelines to assist you during this planning process:

1. Grasp your visitor’s attention

By this we’re not suggesting a surprise sneak attack that could potentially cause a stroke or worse, no. We’re merely encouraging you to be entertaining and enthusiastic. The more creative the stand, the more likely you are to get the public’s attention.

2. Invest in a breath-taking stand design

Making use of striking and more appealing colours and designs that communicate and represent the emotions of your brand is more effective than constructing a stand with the sole purpose of distributing information only.

3. Incorporate practical workshops

Many exhibition guests attend events with the hopes of learning something new and innovative; something that they can use to grow their own businesses. Workshops are intended to educate, engage, and create excitement around what’s being taught, the industry. Case studies, Q & A sessions and breakaway activities should be incorporated in the workshop programme in order to keep the attention of your audience.

4. Technology and Memorability. 

Offering a functional, simple and yet attractive gimmick or gadget as a promotional item can go a long way towards enhancing the memorability of your brand. It also allows your exhibition marketing efforts to extend beyond the walls of the venue itself.

5. Offer refreshments and nibbles. 

Hunger and dehydration encourage feelings of irritation and frustration. Be the exhibitor that intends to evoke the opposite on your stand, keep your visitors happy, and open an opportunities for conversations that matter.

6. Use interactive media

Devices such as tablets, touch screen computers, and videos with captivating content can occupy the attention of certain visitors while you engage one-on-one with rest. The aim is to keep them on your stand.

7. Stand Staff: Competent, friendly and appropriately dressed

Your stand staff should be approachable, inviting, knowledgeable and well spoken.

8. Social media

Use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to give prior and live updates as to what people can expect when attending your exhibition. Perhaps you can consider setting up a Twitter handle encouraging visitors to pose questions under a hashtag that can be answered at a later stage.

9. Follow up

Record the email addresses or phone numbers of the visitors who showed a particular interest in your product or service. Send them a personal message a few days after the show to ensure that you remain top of mind.

We at SSQ Exhibitions understand the significance of exhibition ROI and effective brand communication.

If you would like for us to assist you with a design and the project management of your next exhibition stand, give us a call on: 011 792 1241 or email us at:

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