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The human experience must be the driving force behind every element of a space from the design of physical space to the qualities of interaction, expectation, and intention. Today, creating a space in which people feel safe yet connected and leaves an immersive impression is more important than ever before. As is taking into account all the people and stakeholders that will engage with your space and your brand.


SSQ incorporates experiential and human-centred design thinking throughout the interior design process. We create spaces that inspire and resonate with their occupants. Maximising return on investment with efficient space planning, we create memorable environments, taking into consideration every element, line, shape, colour and light. We work with businesses of all sizes, from single stores and small offices to franchise roll-outs and international corporate head offices.

With a focus on precision, style, and project management excellence, we take pride in delivering exceptional design solutions tailored to your unique needs. Unleash the potential of your space with SSQ Design.


Space Assessment

Mood and Concept Boards

Finishes Schedules

Furniture and Décor Selection & Procurement

Lighting, electrical, AV and IT services

Construction Documentation

Space Planning

Interior Design

Council Submissions

Shop fitting drawings 

Project Management

Construction & Fit-out

Office Interiors

People are at their most creative, productive and motivated when they are working in well-designed spaces.

Our surroundings have a great effect on how we feel, act and perform. Thus working environments can make a huge

difference when it comes to employee productivity and visitor experiences and perceptions.


Office design has evolved so that the people within the office space are of primary importance and at SSQ all of our

office interior designs are created with this human-centric methodology in mind.


Contact us to discuss your office interior design needs. 

View our Corporate Space Methodology

Retail Interiors

Retail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Retail designers need to create spaces that represent the brand, support selling strategies, motivate customers to buy and maximise return on investment through efficient space planning and appealing, interactive shopfronts.


SSQ Design draws on the latest retail design trends, technology and consumer behaviour research to create retail spaces that attract and engage consumers, enrich the shopper experience and promote in-store sales.


Contact us to discuss your retail interior design needs. 

View our Retail Methodology

Restaurant Interiors

Your restaurant’s interior design should embody the character of your establishment. It should be welcoming, comfortable, practical and most importantly authentic. Every element of the space will have an impact on the patron’s experience and should be considered, consistent and deliberate. All elements, from the food and service to the floor tiles, ceiling details, heating and ventilation, refrigeration, operational lighting, mood lighting, music, restrooms and signage, all details work together to create the overall ambience of a restaurant.


SSQ conducts extensive market and competitor analysis and then conceptualises your space based on the latest

trends, your food and beverage offering, your desired atmosphere and the core operational needs of your restaurant.


Contact us to discuss your restaurant interior design needs. 

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