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4 reasons you need a well-designed office space

Sit back, enjoy that coffee and take a moment to picture the perfect design for your office. Is it monotone or colourful? Is it open planned or closed? Whatever it is I’m sure it’s creating a feeling of comfort and ease. Now think of your worst office design – they are very different I am sure. Here are 4 ways we believe that investing in a great office design can better your business.

IMPRESS CLIENTS with your brand. As any client walks through your front entrance, they immediately need to get an idea of your brand, who you are, and the quality of your product or service. Well designed and executed offices, allow your clients to believe in your business.

MAXIMISE PRODUCTIVITY through your design. Many elements involved in office design allow for better comfort for your employees – lighting, desks, seating and pods. If your staff are comfortable, it allows for them to perform better and encourages productivity and creativity.

CREATE A CULTURE and allow your staff to feel part of the business. Having a simple dedicated and well-designed lunch area or chill area allows your staff the opportunity to socialize and communicate with all team members, cultivating a sense of belonging and encouraging cross pollination of ideas.

IMPROVE EFFICIENCY through carefully thought out spatial planning. Allow for a smooth flow of your office by positioning interdependent departments close to each other and allowing for efficient work flow.

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