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Top Current Trends in Store Design

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We recently stumbled across this article from Randal Retail Group and just had to share.

An immersive experience connects current top trends in store design, and not only incorporates technology, materials and lighting, but also embraces open, social environments that captivate customers, keeping them in-store longer and creating an exciting mood for connecting with others. For top trends, see below:

1. High Tech

Customers offered the opportunity to try out (let’s be authentic – play) with in-store tech feel trusted and valued and want to stay in-store longer so they can play.

2. Unique Design

Today’s consumers are drawn to unique, one-of-a-kind experiences over the familiarity of stores that all look alike. An eccentric approach expresses different facets of the brand image and provides point of differentiation from competitors.

3. Mixed Materials and Design Styles

Present unique designs by mixing materials, design styles, furnishings, and scale:

  • Merge old and new.

  • Combine materials that are not traditionally found together.

  • Blend styles. For example, create a design comprised of industrial elements like brick or neon with premium accents like marble and natural features like wood.

4. Materials

What materials are top retailers incorporating into their eclectic design styles?

  • Copper is ousting the traditional gold or silver.

  • Raw unfinished materials continue to top the list, including cardboard, old wooden crates and sheet metal.

  • Stainless steel and barnyard chic are being dethroned by clean lines and authentic materials like smooth stone, handmade brick and metal.

  • Keep an eye on plastic. 3D printing may create custom-designs that will become easy to design and create and appealing for consumers and retailers.

5. Back to Nature / Sustainability

Consumers continue to reward retailers who incorporate concern for sustainability, authenticity of materials, and the environment in their designs. Keep people in stores longer by using plant life to create texture, define spaces, and bring the outdoors indoors.

6. Style

Design that stylists expect consumers to be drawn to in the coming year include:

  • Using an artistic painting technique to create a marble pattern on walls, floor tiles and counter surfaces.

  • Featuring monochrome colours exposed steel beams, big windows and concrete flooring to provide a sense of depth and offer a background that helps products stand out.

  • Creating a welcoming feeling and eclectic design by mixing rugged wood, brick, real or faux stone, velvety display covers or thick carpeting.

  • Using chalkboard finishes like those seen at casual restaurants to provide a welcoming,creative and interactive experience for consumers.

  • Wallpaper may be making a comeback. New textured patterns and ethnic fabrics are showing up in commercial, hotel, and residential environments.

7. Lighting

Lighting draws consumers’ attention and creates a mood for the environment that can keep customer’s in-store longer. LED lighting and lighting technology affect consumer emotions. Customizing a lighting plan to the particular unique environment of the store provides the eccentric setting that keeps customers in stores longer and affects brand image. Whether it’s with lighting, tech, or mixed materials, creating an immersive experience that keeps customers in-store and connecting is at the heart of today’s trends in retail design.

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