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Celebrating 12 Years of SSQ Design

As SSQ Design turns 12, it marks a significant milestone in our journey—a moment not only to reflect on our past achievements but also to set our sights firmly on the future. SSQ Design was born out of Set Squared, a pioneering company in the industry since 1982.

At SSQ Design, our beliefs revolve around crafting designs that not only reflect our clients' brands but also elevate their purpose. From designing offices, retail and hospitality spaces, exhibition stands, mall displays, or activation sets, we understand the importance of creating environments that resonate with our client to drive their marketing efforts and business growth.

As we celebrate this pivotal moment in our journey, it's essential to understand why the twelfth year is significant. Beyond just a number, the twelfth birthday symbolizes a transition—a leap from childhood to adolescence, signifying growth, maturity, and the readiness to embrace new challenges.

In the business world, celebrating milestones like our twelfth anniversary is more than just a ceremonial affair—it's a testament to the collective efforts of everyone involved. Here's why such celebrations are crucial:

1. Acknowledging the Role of our Employees: With our dedicated team, SSQ Design’s accomplishments over the past 12 years would not have been possible. Each member of our team has contributed their skills, passion, and dedication to shaping SSQ Design into what it is today.

2. Recognising Suppliers as Partners: Suppliers are not just external entities but an extension of our team. Their reliability, commitment to quality, and collaboration have been critical in our ability to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

3. Harnessing Ongoing Energy and Brand Evangelism: Milestones like our twelfth anniversary inject renewed energy and enthusiasm into our brand. It's an opportunity to reignite our passion, reaffirm our commitment to excellence, and engage our clients and stakeholders as brand evangelists.

4. Taking Pride in Achievements and Looking Forward: Celebrating milestones allows us to pause, reflect, and take pride in our achievements while also looking ahead to the future. It's a chance to set new goals, explore fresh opportunities, and reaffirm our commitment to innovation.

Cara Nortman, CEO of SSQ Design: “As we mark our twelfth anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our wild ride —employees, suppliers, clients, and supporters. We have achieved some incredible milestones, but our journey is far from over. With continued purpose, passion, and commitment, we eagerly embrace the future, confident in our ability to continue designing and creating spaces that inspire, captivate, and transform”.

Here's to 12 years of excellence, innovation, and growth—and to many more to come!

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