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In a world that’s ‘always on’, marketers worldwide are making digital a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. Digital channels offer cost-effective and targeted means to reach key audiences. Day/night, 24/7, there’s simply no limit to the opportunities for brands to engage with a wide range of audiences in increasingly personalised and tailored ways.

But when it comes to ‘engagement’ – the ambition of modern day marketing – marketers should not ignore the power of exhibitions to deliver genuine results.

Exhibitions – often known as ‘expos’ or ‘shows’ – are powerful marketplaces. They are an experiential marketing channel that engages an active and highly motivated audience in a face-to-face environment. The people who attend exhibitions choose to be there and want to connect with the products or services on show. They are engaged in the purchase cycle and have the authority to purchase or influence purchasing. An exhibition has the power to: bring your most active prospects and customers to you

harnesses all five senses to drive home your messages

create a deep vertical interaction with the productdrive business to other sales channels – e.g. online and retail provide opportunity to meet more interested buyers than any other sales activity

to build business relationships and generate leads

emotionally connect with customers.

Did you know?

87% of marketers say face-to-face marketing is important

83% of visitors have the authority to purchase or influence purchasing

80% of trade show visitors are personally involved in buying the products or services on show

29% never see sales reps other than at exhibitions


72% of visitors intend to buy either at the event or in the near future

Average dwell time at a trade show is five to six hours

Trade events account for 9% of marketing budgets, but return 23% of business

Exhibitors rank shows as the best media in terms of cost efficiency… before Internet! (2014-2015 microeconomic study conducted in France by UNIMEV)

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