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Exhibition of Exhibitions

The Exhibition of Exhibitions, taking place on 30 and 31 January at the Ticketpro Dome.

This is a showcase like no other: Not only will you be able to view and compare a range of organisers and shows that you can exhibit at, but you will also be able to see the latest in retail and exhibition design and solutions.

Imagine this:

You open a pop-up shop. You are assured you will meet a targeted selection of pre-qualified clients, matching your target audience. Now imagine all these customers attend your shop in a buying frame of mind. You have the solutions to their problems. The products to solve their business needs.

Imagine 1000’s of these clients visit your pop-up shop in just a few days…

Imagine celebrating the success of combining architecture, design and marketing through increased ROI, Revenue and ultimately profit!

When it comes to exhibitions, we’re experts. So believe us when we tell you that the above scenario is any marketer’s dream. And we’re in the business of making dreams come true!

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  1. Evaluate all the leading trade and consumer shows where you can showcase your products and services: all in 2 days under 1 roof!

  2. Meet the leading retail and exhibition design suppliers to solve any of your design headaches and get great new ideas.

  3. Learn how to exhibit successfully so you can take your marketing ROI to the next level

  4. Attend sales training, presented by Ian Rheeder: Perfect the art of closing deals and collecting leads at an exhibition.

  5. Learn from free seminars, presented by the industry’s experts – on a wide range of topics.

The Exhibition of Exhibitions is a showcase of the industry’s best, and best of all, it’s FREE TO ATTEND!

SSQ DESIGN will be there and we look forward to seeing you.

To register as a visitor, simply visit:

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