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Whether it be a mall display, roadshow, pop-up shop or product launch, whatever your brand activation, we will ensure we bring your brand to life by creating engaging, meaningful experiences for your customers. Experiences with emotion and purpose that encourage brand interaction, generate publicity and quality leads and form long-term emotional connections between your brand and products and your target market.

Each campaign is uniquely conceptualised, created and executed for your brand, your objectives, your target market and your budget.

Our activation service includes a dedicated team who will create your activation concept, supply your activation platform, promotors and brand ambassadors, and manage all relevant stakeholders to ensure increased brand awareness, engagement, as well as, new and strengthened relationships with your customers.

SSQ Design Activations


Activation Conceptualisation                                 Mall Displays

Activation set                                                                 Roadshows

Promoters and Brand Ambassadors                   Stand-alone Events

Activation roll out                                                         In-house marketing campaigns

Activation Services
Activation Gallery

Activation Gallery

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